Environmentally Friendly Innovation Award

MVMANT has received the award in the Sustainable Mobility category, thanks to the ability to combine technology, environmental sustainability and optimization of use of existing infrastructures, in a new paradigm of shared mobility.

Since its first edition, the Legambiente environmental innovation award is a national recognition aimed at business innovation in the environmental field.

The recipients selected by Legambiente are all those companies that have created product, process, service, system, technological and management innovations, which have proven to contribute to significant improvements aimed at environmental sustainability and that are highlighted by their originality and for development potential.

The jury of the Legambiente award recognized that the reduction of the environmental impact based on the principle of optimization of occupancy of MVMANT is able to affect upstream the reduction of cars in circulation.

Congestion in cities have causes a loss of between 60 and 100 hours per year, per capital in traffic; which causes a quantifiable reduction in productivity, in an annual loss of GDP of 100 billion euros per year for the EU alone.

The European Environment Agency estimates that pollution is the cause of the loss of about 100 million days of work and 350,000 premature deaths.

Legambiente, as well as its European peers, pledges for significant reduction of the number of circulating cars.