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Benefits and features

The mobility platform that frees the transport business

Efficiency and revenues

Our algorithms intelligently intercept the demand, optimizing vehicle movements and on-board occupancy

Dynamic routes

It has all the advantages of a planned service but with the ability to evolve with self-learning and experience

Connected vehicles

At all times, the platform is able to coordinate vehicles optimally and dynamically, in order to meet the demand

Enthusiastic users

Immediate notifications and precise indications for advanced and modern user experience, thanks to the dedicated App

User App

To view all the trip options available with a simple geo-localized search.

  • Immediate check-in and online payment
  • Tools for customer loyalty
  • Continuous updates and new features
  • White labeling
  • Available for iOS and Android

App Mobile


Vehicle App

To enable each vehicle within the platform to start operating without costs and technological barriers.

  • Simply intuitive and effective
  • Connection and notifications in real time

  • Manual operations reduced to a minimum

  • Automated shifts management

  • It Runs on any Android device

Management Web App

To view and manage all operations in real time through a powerful and intuitive Web application.

  • Real-time vehicle monitoring

  • Configure lines, services, and schedules

  • Revenue and Efficiency Indicators

  • Transaction and invoices archive

App Web


No installation costs, cloud hosting and free updates.

Initial license feesNone
Mobile AppFree, no customization costs.
Costs for upgrades, maintenance, and hosting.None
Online supportUnlimited and free. We provide all the guides and step by step procedures.
Dedicated supportBased on the network’s size.
Transaction costsFixed % on transaction volume.
ContractNo minimum duration, no penalty. Cancellations and free variations are always possible.
ConsultingA team of researchers and engineers is available for every specific need.