Pilot in Ragusa

The pilot in Ragusa is the first field test of MVMANT, starting in April 2016, with the technical sponsorship of Mercedes Benz-Vans; which has made available 4 vehicles of its entire range, covering different mobility solutions.

How did we reach this goal and what have we learned so far?

First of all, we had to get in direct contact with people, listen to their opinions, understand their choices.

For this, we have relied exclusively on digital tools, in particular social media management. This has help to get in touch with thousands of citizen and potential customers.

The posts on our Facebook page, for only the duration of the pilot in Ragusa, have received over 70,000 views and over 15,000 interactions. We have responded to all comments and private messages, registering a growing and engaging enthusiasm.

All this interaction turned into action.

More than 600 Ragusan citizens were enrolled in the service before starting and at the same time they answered the questions of a survey, where surprising results emerged.

Some data were largely anticipated; 72% of the surveyed citizen in fact claim to move by private car with single use. Only 3.6% use public transport. Ragusa, with 70,000 inhabitants and 30,000 families, records 50,000 car registrations.

This seems to fully confirm the result that almost 80% of the interviewees say they have two or more cars in the availability of the family.

But here is the change of pace, the revolution at the door, the new way of understanding mobility. To the question “would you be willing to give up a car in the family if your city offered an efficient transport system?” almost 90% answered yes.

Are we really at the gates of a revolution? Will we really begin to understand that moving people and not cars is the only sustainable model for our mobility? We are convinced of this, and it was the Ragusans who convinced us.

Not only the citizens, but also the economic and commercial activities, the taxi drivers, which in a few days have joined our project, both through sponsorships on tickets and offering themselves as drivers for the pilot project.

Thanks to the contribution of local businesses, we have achieved 35% of service costs coverage. We are sure that 43.5% of the citizens of Ragusa, who had said they often gave up going to the center to go shopping or free time because of the difficulties of access and parking. They were now able to enjoy the wonderful historical center of Ragusa.

At the end of the pilot in Ragusa, we had over 2,200 members in three weeks, over 13,000 km traveled and 2,400 issued tickets.

We bring along a sentence of one of the citizens who comments on a Facebook post:

“I hope one day I can give up my car and that the savings in direct and indirect management costs will allow me to finance parks and gardens for my children”

This is revolution, this is innovation, summarized in this video clip shot with the collaboration of the Ragusans, the true ambassadors of MVMANT.

MVMANT: Mobility on-demand in Ragusa, Sicily, Italy