Pilot Project with the Radiotaxi Cooperative of Venice Mestre

During the month of January and February 2017, we tested MVMANT in collaboration with the Radiotaxi Venezia-Mestre cooperative.

It was a unique experiment of its kind, which showed how the shared taxi model is well suited to our technology and how it can be a valuable compendium to the traditional role of taxi drivers.

This allows them to implement a new market proposition, supporting and integrating public transport, especially in areas with low demand, which are too expensive for large buses.

The service is in compliance with the rules and the role assigned to taxis as operators of public transport.

The extraordinary experience of collaboration with the Radiotaxi Venezia-Mestre cooperative has confirmed that the role of regular transport operators is fundamental within the MVMANT ecosystem.

We have achieved the goal that we wanted to pursue; to reverse the model as that technology is the cause of conflicts and tensions between the category of taxi drivers and innovation.

Rather, MVMANT has proved to be a solution able to favor the full integration of an App for shared mobility, especially through a traditional taxi service.

We thank all the friends of the Radiotaxi Venezia-Mestre cooperative for their valuable feedback and continuous cooperation. This has allowed us to make a further evolutionary step of our App.

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