Smart Mobility on demand for Smart Cities

Find out how to make traffic congestion a thing of the past and create a win-win ecosystem


  • Machine Learning

    Advanced algorithms predict the mobility demand, optimize the number of available vehicles and the seat occupancy ratio.

  • Mobile App

    Registered customers enter the destination, reserve a seat and know in advance the cost of the trip.

  • Digital Advertising

    On board entertainment system with news, games, targeted advertising and information about offers and events in town.

  • City Loyalty Program

    Loyalty platform to engage and reward customers with free bonus trips.

1000 deployed MVMANTs will result in


Cars taken of the road


Tons of C02 saved


Tons of PM saved


mio € External costs saved


Values for private vehicles are calculated against the Euro 4 emission standards (gasoline), 29 km/day and 1.1 passengers on average.
Values for MVMANT vehicles are calculated with a 50% seat occupancy ratio (4 passengers) on a 10 hour shift.

Our pipeline

  • Ragusa

    Ragusa will host the first pilot of our smart mobility solution in Q1-Q2 2016

  • Messina

    Messina is the 3rd largest city of Sicily and will deploy MVMANT to cover peripheral areas and offer convenient micro-transit…

  • Modena

    Modena, the Italian automotive capital, will test MVMANT to enhance a car-independent lifestyle and contribute to meet air pollution limits.

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